Cassandra’s Post: Actually Getting to the Gym

Monday, October 4th, 2010 9:28 am

As much as I am a huge money saver, the benefit of using a full-service gym outweighs the cost of the membership fees.  I strategically chose a gym that was in walking distance from my residence and just happened to be in the very same building as my workplace.  Talk about convenience, even if I do need to drive there, the gym validates for at least two hours.  On top of that, it is stink-free and has a fabulous pool that I can even use if I want to lay out and relax after a great workout.

In the past, I hadn’t been the hugest fan of group classes but this was a new gym, a new start, and it was worth a shot to try.  I figured if I found a few classes that I liked, I could schedule around them and then pop in another couple of times at the gym to add up to my four times a week goal.  My mid-section was always a top priority of mine, however as of late I have really wanted to work-out my legs and get nice lean thoroughbred legs to take me places.  I picked up the month’s class schedule from the front desk and highlighted accordingly.  This is how my week went:

Monday: Butt Blaster, 5:30 – 6:30 PM

The description for this class wasn’t kidding; I had plenty trouble getting out of bed the next morning.  It was a rude, yet much needed awakening that those two months without real physical exertion had led to the near-paralysis I felt after an hour of fast-paced squats and lunges.  Perhaps I had been overzealous starting off so strong but despite hobbling down the halls of my work with my inner-thighs ablaze, I felt motivated.  The last hour of work seemed to go by even faster.  When I got home to cook dinner, perhaps it was the thought of wasting a hard workout, but I even chose to take the extra time and fix a healthy dinner instead of a quick fix.

Tuesday: Beginning Yoga, 12:30 – 1:30 PM

I had done some yoga before but if the intermediate to advanced yoga was going to be anything like the Butt Blaster class I decided that maybe I shouldn’t be so confident in my flexibility.  If I am going to lean out my legs like I want to, I need to get better at stretching!

On Wednesday, the second day after Butt Blaster, my muscles were sorer than the first.  As much as I hated the idea of another low-key day I just couldn’t see my lower body taking any more hits and I would have to skip the Chiseled class that I had planned on attending.  I did manage to go to the gym for some self-instructed upper-body weight training to even it all out.  Unfortunately, that was the last time I made into the gym that week.  My whole body ached and doing anything beyond walking when I felt that way seemed as though it may be detrimental more than helpful.  I decided that going full force out the gate may not have been the best route to start a gym regimen and instead building up and taking one challenge at a time will help me maintain my four times a week goal.

The verdict: One gym visit short of goal this week.  Next week, aiming for four visits!

-- Cassandra Altmann

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2 Responses to “Cassandra’s Post: Actually Getting to the Gym”

  1. Zuaquis says:

    We realized how hard it is for people to go to the gym and work-out, especially after work. So we decided to start a new fitness program that gets employees and their co-workers out of the office and walking during their lunch hour. It’s called Walk For Lunch. It’s a lunch our walking program that includes a healthy Subway lunch. check us out…!

  2. Cassandra says:

    Awesome idea! Often I schedule my workouts during my lunch hour but I do see coworkers simply go out and pick up a quick bite to eat and bring it back to their offices on their lunch break. I can see the temptation to follow in their footsteps when there’s always endless work to do, but if everyone could motivate each other and go on a walk during their lunch, I’m sure the productivity levels would be much higher in the long run!