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Cassandra’s Post: 5K Done, Perfect Slacks & Meeting “Bigwigs”

Monday, November 1st, 2010 3:52 pm

I’ll start by saying that participating in the 5k was a success in that it encouraged me to continue to step-up my fitness goal and make my 4 times a week gym visits a priority.  I ran it in 28.26, which sure doesn’t make me an Olympian but I am proud that I kept it under a ten minute mile!  This has given me even more motivation in strengthening my legs and building my stamina.

Unfortunately after running a 5k, flushed face and sweaty, I didn’t feel as though I would make the greatest first impression to any new contacts.  I did get introduced to several local law enforcement officials!

Not to worry, where the 5k lacked, I picked up the slack later at my department’s largest team-building event of the year in Pasadena.  Working at a branch location of the company, I don’t have many opportunities to be seen and seek out the “big wigs” of the organization. Up to this point, the majority of contact with the senior staff has been a once-a-week phone call to my mentor at the Los Angeles office.  At the team-building event I had the opportunity to put a face with the voice and meet several other individuals including the VP of marketing, several directors, as well as our company president.  On top of getting to finally meet the individuals who I had heard so much about, it became very clear that my boss had already laid the foundation for my introduction.   I couldn’t be more excited by my boss sharing her enthusiasm about having me as a new addition to her team.  She went as far as to announce it in front of the entire event and personally walk me up to the president during the mixer.  The president charged me with the task of becoming San Diego’s team leader.  Now to keep my name on their mind and in front of them.

With all this progress I thought it was about time I reward myself with a little wardrobe CPR.  The biggest challenges when dressing for work has been that the company is a fashion forward organization so being professional and fashionable are equally important.  On top of that, I walk to work which means I switch from flats to heals.  I tailor all my pants as every polished woman should, however my boot-cut slacks are tailored well more my quite tall heals.   During the warmer months, it hadn’t been such a problem because I would wear skirts and dresses primarily so I didn’t have to worry about my hems dragging on the concrete on the way to work.  Thankfully as a result of our fashionista dress code, black tailored skinny legged slacks are the best pants option.  I bought black, charcoal, and khaki pairs at Express and tailored them to my ankles to work with both pumps and flats.  I can wear them with numerous blouses in my closet and pair with a tailored jacket and look equally polished and stylish.  I also picked up some new tights both in plain black and trendier options such as argyle to turn those summer skirts and frocks in to fashionable fall wear.  After all, with all my hard work at the gym, I still want to be able to show off my legs!

Cassandra Altmann

Ask GGG: Bold Nail Color in a Business Casual Office?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010 10:05 am

Dear GGG, What’s the most appropriate nail color to wear for a “business casual” office environment? Can I do trendy? — Yasmine*, age 24, New York

Hi Yasmine! Business casual can vary widely depending on industry, so it depends where you work. The no-fail, safe strategy is to go with a pale pink or beige, think OPI Bubble Bath, Passion, or Samoan Sand. One coat of these sheer shades always looks elegant and (forgive the pun) polished. In industries like fashion, media, art, and design, you get a lot more leeway with trendy colors—even the dark raisin shades like OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark (at left) or black shades (remember Chanel Black Satin?)– though you might toe the line at bright neons/greens/blues.

Remember, bold color only looks chic on very short nails; the nail should not extend beyond the edge of your fingertip. One big disadvantage of going the non-sheer route is that chips show easily—a major office ‘don’t’. As one fashionable GGG executive once said to me, “You can’t walk into a board meeting with chipped nails!”

Photo: OPI

Adventures in Go-Getting: Meet Cassandra!

Monday, September 20th, 2010 9:56 am

I’m excited to introduce our guest blogger for the next few months, Cassandra.  She’s 26, hails from San Diego, and graduated from University of California, Irvine (in three years, while working part-time!). She’s got a few GGG goals she wants to accomplish, and will be charting her progress right here. Check out her posts every other week. Here’s her first post below! Debra

For a twenty-something, I could have passed for successful but something wasn’t right.  Plenty of my friends told me it was a quarter-life crisis since many of them asked the same questions I had been asking myself.  Am I succeeding the way I wanted to succeed in life?  Am I passionate about what I do on a regular basis? Am I where (or close to) I saw myself being at this stage of my life?  Of course it is easy to roll one’s eyes and dole out a sarcastic “No” to every question or even go as far to say, “No one is.”  Which is when I say (on a good day), “Well that’s just not good enough.”

I must have been awfully whiny about my situation because it was about this time when a good friend of mine sent me The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide from across the country.  Since then I quit my “successful” position in the staffing industry and landed in education at a fashion college, supporting the creative community and gaining more time for myself to pursue my own creative passion—writing.

I realized early on when reading The GGG Guide that I must have all been closing doors for myself rather than opening them.  I have a small awesome circle of friends and I’ll be honest, I like it that way.  However, there have been many times that I’ve been invited out to a mixer, social outing, even a sporting event and before really even thinking about it answered politely, “No, thank you.”  I hardly ever give an excuse or a reason, to me it was clear: I shouldn’t spend the money, I shouldn’t take the time away from my loved ones who I barely get quality time with, I don’t know anybody there anyway.   Normally here is where I would start to list all the things I have missed out on but the truth is if I didn’t go, I don’t even know what I missed!  So here is my 1st GGG project for the next three months: Accept rather than decline invitations to social and business events.

Since I will be growing into a beautiful social butterfly, I need give my body and mind a little me time and make sure I have the energy to keep up with my peers out there!  I am setting a goal to go to the gym at least four times a week with the intention of lowering that BMI for long term health and happiness.   As I lean out from my hours at the gym and am being seen around town, I better look pulled together and rockin’.   I’ll be monitoring my closet’s inventory and making sure there is a surplus of fabulous power ensembles.

Cassandra Altmann

Ask GGG: Telling an Employee What Not to Wear

Monday, September 13th, 2010 3:55 pm

I’m a mid-level manager working in marketing, and some of my employees take the dress code a little too loosely. As a manager, how do you tastefully address what is and is not appropriate to wear to work without getting people all fired up? Beth*, age 36, Phoenix

You want to avoid calling out your employee personally. Instead, send an email to all of your direct reports reminding them of the dress code, with specific do’s and don’ts. You might even attach a non-judgmental magazine article summarizing how to dress-your-best for work. If he or she doesn’t take the hint, try linking a conversation about appearance to a specific work-related event. Let’s say you’re a senior lawyer and your rumpled associate is joining you for an important court date. Say something like, “This judge is extremely picky about how we dress. What you were thinking of wearing?” and then launch into some tips and requests for what to wear.

Spotlight: Susan Fales-Hill

Friday, August 27th, 2010 8:18 am

Susan Fales-Hill knows how to make an entrance. While a senior at Harvard, she had a fortuitous meeting with Bill Cosby– and arrived with a parody script and audio tape she’d prepared. “I knew you don’t just go meet someone and show up with nothing but a smile,” she says. “I thought, this is an opportunity; show him your stuff!” That performance earned her a job as a writer’s apprentice on The Cosby Show.

She went on to work for A Different World–becoming its head writer/co-executive producer– followed by 15 years as a television producer and writer. Next, she shifted to prose, writing the critically-acclaimed memoir, Always Wear Joy, about her late mother, actress and performer Josephine Premice. Now, she’s turned to fiction. Her debut novel, out this month, is One Flight Up, a juicy, fun-filled take on the lives of four multi-cultural girlfriends. Think Sex and the City, with an international twist.

Here, Susan shares a few of her secrets in work and in fashion (she’s been named to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame).

Inspired by: friendships; textiles; books by Charles Dickens; the painting of her mother in the mezzanine at the New York Public Library (her go-to writing spot).

Style trademark: blouses with dramatic poet sleeves; bias cut gowns for evening

Writing motto: Don’t get it right; get it written.

Work look: “I get dressed to write: slacks, dresses, maybe even a suit.”

On following your bliss: “Don’t think you’ll necessarily become a multi-millionaire by doing what you love. You might just have the gift that you get to do what you’re passionate about. It’s a risk you’re taking.”

Footwear: Flats by Tod’s. “I don’t believe in wearing flip-flops– except at the beach or leaving the nail salon!”

Fitness routine: Reformer pilates, three times a week.

Beauty must: Perfume. “My first love is Amazone by Hermes.”

To learn more about Susan (and peek inside her swoon-worthy “closet”), visit