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New Year, New Gig!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 11:02 pm

Exciting news! I’ve recently been named Editor-At-Large for career website TheGrindstone. Check out this site for all the latest news, gossip, and research for professional women– delivered with a fun twist. Their tagline? “Where work comes to play.”

My column will appear a few times a month, and I’ll be acting as their spokesperson on tv. Here are two of my latest segments, on Today Show, chatting about career change, and CNN, with tips for Creative Resolutions.

10 Get-Ahead Nuggets of Wisdom from the CCWC conference

Sunday, October 10th, 2010 9:49 am

I had the pleasure to recently attend and speak at the Corporate Council Women of Color Conference.  It was an amazing, empowering event geared toward women attorneys at top firms and in-house at Fortune 1000 companies. Over the course of two days, leading legal and human resources executives presented on topics from transitioning in your career to negotiating a raise to understanding body language cues when networking. (I had a fun job: presenting a fashion show of stylish work looks in conjunction with Saks Fifth Avenue). Here are ten great nuggets of wisdom heard–and overheard–at the conference that I think all GGGs can appreciate:

  1. On negotiating salary: You make the case for getting a raise everyday– or not– through your actions and attitude at the workplace.
  2. Usually, the mentor chooses the mentee– not the other way around.
  3. Sitting on a corporate or non-profit board is an unparalleled opportunity to network with leaders in your field.
  4. Raise your profile in your industry by speaking on panels or conferences twice a year. The more high profile, the better. Bonus points if your picture is prominently featured in the program.
  5. Continually ask yourself these two guiding questions about your job as you move through your career: 1) Am I happy? 2) Is this good for me? If the answer is no, then you need to make some changes.
  6. Just shaking hands with someone establishes the equivalent level of rapport as if you’d spent three hours of face-to-face time with that person. — Patti Wood, body language expert
  7. When shaking hands, the most important thing is palm-to-palm contact. Extend your hand at a slight diagonal angle, as if you are landing a plane– instead of perpendicular to the floor. (from Patti Wood)
  8. Not really a career tip but very useful: The best oil for cooking at high heat is grapeseed oil (who knew?), but it can infuse your cooking with the grapeseed flavor. Next best option is canola. The best pans? All-Clad — from Chef Jeff, cooking personality and author of Cooked
  9. Within a corporation, titles can be deceiving. Learn and get to know the real decisionmakers.
  10. On work-life balance: If you want to get married and have kids, but don’t see women at the top of your organization that have the life you envision, then you don’t want to be at that company!

Beware of Job Hunting Scams

Friday, September 10th, 2010 9:35 am

With millions of Americans out of work, scammers are preying on desperate job-seekers. Yesterday I spoke on the CBS Early Show about some of the latest job hunting scams– including Twitter scams and the latest twists on credit info “phishing” cons. Here’s a link to the clip.

Some big red flags? 1) Anything that says you can “work from home” and make tons of money 2) When the email from the employer looks fake or is riddled with grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors 3) The employer is quick to ask for a credit check 4) You’re asked to wire money or transfer suspicious goods.

Photo: CBS News

Top Things College Doesn’t Teach You

Friday, June 4th, 2010 9:18 am

Yesterday I spoke on ABC News Now about the top things college doesn’t teach you about the work world. The story was in response to a York College survey that found recent college grads lack sorely in most areas of professionalism– yet have a huge sense of entitlement! The school is now offering professionalism classes. But can professionalism really be “taught”? Isn’t it something you only learn once you’re out IN the working world? Here’s a quick recap of the tips I shared:

  1. A nice degree is good, but not everything. Employers need resourcefulness, not book smarts. Figure out how to solve your boss’ problems, and you’ll succeed.
  2. The work world is not a meritocracy. It’s not like school where grades are the ultimate measure of success. The work world is unfair. Favoritism exists. Nepotism exits. You need to cultivate mentors and allies in order to get ahead.
  3. Looks matter at work. Flip-flop and jeans culture is misleading. Colleagues do judge you by your appearance, period. Dress for the job you want when anyone who matters is watching.
  4. Forget so-called “work life balance.” Gen X & Y have been sold a bill of goods that you can “have it all” early in your career. You can leave early everyday to go to the gym if you want, but you won’t be on the fast track.
  5. Start asking for more money now. Or you might lose out big over time. A study showed that women who consistently negotiate salaries earn at least $1 million more over their careers. By not negotiating a first salary, you can lose more than $500K by age 60.
  6. Don’t get stuck on the “dream job” now. It’s a bit unrealistic in this economy– and it’s more important to find anything that’s relatively interesting to you– and will help you build skills. You can always “spin it” later on!

CEO of Yahoo Carol Bartz’s “No-A**hole” Rule

Thursday, May 27th, 2010 4:52 pm

Check out this great article in Esquire about Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz.  Unapologetically brash, she’s got one of the funniest and insightful hiring techniques. When she gets to the last stage of the interview, she already knows whether the person can do the job. But that’s not enough; the candidate can’t, to put it bluntly, be an asshole. As Carol describes her process:

“We’ll go through the whole interview, and I’ll say, “I have one last question. I don’t work with assholes. Are you one?”

Some say, “What a great question! I want to work in a place that’s like that.” But you’d be amazed at how many others hear that question and look like they’ve just been caught. Their expressions say: I guess I’m an asshole.

Bold, and brilliant!