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Cleavage– What’s appropriate and what’s not?

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 12:20 pm


With the controversy over the Lane Bryant ad shown above, people are again talking about what’s appropriate and what’s not when it comes to cleavage.  I once asked a wise woman if cleavage is appropriate in the workplace and her response was, “Well, it depends on your definition of cleavage.” Touché. There are certainly different kinds of cleavage, and in the workplace, all of them are pretty much a “No”– except for when it comes to the toes! Here are some other quick cleavage do’s and don’ts:

  • Boob cleavage at work: For work, unless cleavage is part of your job description (e.g., you’re a bartender!), I say go for décolleté — a ‘shadow’ of boobage, rather than even one inch of crack. It’s simply too distracting otherwise. Also, as the warm weather approaches, avoid flimsy camisoles or shells, even underneath a suit.  Anything that looks too much like lingerie is better left to the bedroom, not the boardroom.
  • Cleavage at the beach: There’s a new trend of “tush cleavage” in which you show the top part of your rear a la Kim Kardashian in this photo. I witnessed a bit of this a few months ago when I was in Rio — where the bathing suits are famously itty bitty– and even then, most of the time, the tops were small, whereas the bottoms gave complete coverage. Bottom line (sorry, couldn’t resist!): only the very bold should try it! And up top, you want a bathing suit that covers 75 percent of your “girls.”
  • Toe cleavage: This refers to when you can see the little crack where your toe joins your foot in certain shoes. It used to be you shouldn’t show toe cleavage in office shoes, but that’s outdated– not to mention virtually impossible with most low-vamp, fashion-forward pumps!

GGG Find: Donna Karan Body Perfect Collection

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 8:43 am

body-perfect1I know, I’m a little late on this discovery (seeing as that they’ve been on Oprah already) but I am sharing since they’re news to me and they’re awesome: Donna Karan Body Perfect slimmers.  Made from a super silky, paper-thin fabric, these are perfect underneath floaty chiffon dresses or other body skimming silhouettes, where the concern is not so much sucking things in, but rather smoothing out the lines and figure.  Plus, if you do want more shaping, they come in different strengths ranging from Level 1 to Level 3.

Of course, GGGs will always love their Spanx, but these are a great addition to the GGG must-haves for dressing up.

Available at Nordstrom or online retailer Bare Necessities.

"Support" Systems

Monday, April 24th, 2006 2:41 pm

One thing every Go-Getter Girl absolutely needs is a good, ahem, “support” system. First, though every women has slightly different support needs, the best overall bra on the market is the Chantelle Essencia, hands down. Find it at Nordstrom or Intimacy. Second, Susan Nethero, owner of the Intimacy boutiques in Atlanta, New York, and Chicago, is the goddess of all things bras, and a bra-fitting session with her a few years back changed my life! Starting from the premise that tape measures don’t work when calculating band size, she uses a “holistic and proprietary” method that basically involves eyeing the width of your back and ribs, and the shape and slope of your bustline to determine size. I walked into her shop wearing an ill-fitting 36B; I walked out wearing a perkifying, smooth, sexy 31D. I was changed for life! As Susan said, I was not longer “jerry-rigged.” For those who may not be able to personally experience the method– or missed Nethero’s extensive coverage on Oprah in the past year– here are the life-changing tips I learned from her:

  • The most common mistake women make in bra fitting is buying a bra too big, in the band size. ‘Bigger’ does not mean more comfort! It actually creates discomfort because the breasts are not properly supported.
  • Only 10% of a bra’s support should come from the straps. The rest should come from the band. As in, you should be able to lower the straps and jump up and down without your breasts moving in the cups. Really. That means a properly fitted bra will initially feel much, much tighter across your bodice than you’re used to.
  • In an ideal fitting bra, the strap in the back should be EVEN with the bottom of the cups in the front. Think about how a bustier looks—that’s the correct alignment, not the image I’m sure you can picture of a women with the back of the bra rigged all the way up to her shoulder blades trying to harness her breasts.
  • Also, the space between the breasts at the cleavage should be about 1 inch.
  • Cup sizes adjust in proportion to the band size. That means the actual cup on a 36B was about the same volume as the cup of a 31D. The reason why the latter fit so much better was because it hugged my bodice properly.
  • To redistribute the pesky overflow that is popping out of an almost perfectly fitting bra, just take your index finger and scope it along your breast to smooth it out in the cup, like a spatula scooping brownie batter into a bowl.
  • Bras can be tailored. Tailoring involves simply cutting off the seam where the hook attaches in the back, removing an inch or two in the band, and reattaching the hook plate. The bras I wear now are a size 32C off the rack, but they are tailored to a 30C before I bring them home.
  • Fit your bra on the last hook (not the middle one, as commonly thought), so that you can move inward to tighten as the bra stretches out, which it will.
  • You really only need 3 bras, says Nethero: one to wash, one to wear, and one in the drawer. I like to buy two nudes and one black bra at a time.
  • Bras should be part of the handful of items in your closet you truly invest in. Buying 3 good bras (expect to pay about $60 each) is worth seasons more of good outfits than a drawer full of cheap, poorly fitting ones. That means, resist the urge to splurge at, say, Gap Body.
  • Don’t buy white bras as your “neutral”, everyday, wear-with-everything bra because white bras can be seen under white shirts. Buy nude colored bras that more or less match your skin tone. In a pinch, I find that even a black bra is less visible than a white bra underneath a white shirt.
  • Don’t wash bras in Woolite; it is apparently too harsh. Use mild detergent specially made for lingerie (like Forever New), or even shampoo in a pinch.
  • If you can’t make it to Intimacy, Nordstrom also does a great job of fitting.